Episode #127  – Sara Lovell Returns!

Episode #127 – Sara Lovell Returns!

Sara Lovell is back with an incredible new record, ‘Wild is Everywhere’. Stay tuned all the way to the end of show for the brand new song ‘Rhinoceros Under the Bed’. Sara’s new record came out on April 20th, and she’s got lot’s of cool stuff lined up to mark the release of the album. You can see her at the album release concert in Oakland on Saturday, April 28. Get your tickets here!

Check out her new video for the song Bounce:

Episode #30 – Sara Lovell

Episode #30 – Sara Lovell

Sara Lovell just released her very first kids album ‘You’ve Got Me’, and it’s great! Really great! The album has recently won a Parent’s Choice Gold Award, LEGIT!!! Sara talks about what inspired her to write kids music in addition to having a career as an artist for adults. Her album ‘You’ve Got Me’ takes whimsical concepts and real parenting situations and turns them into beautiful and catchy songs. She also has a silly side which will bring a big big big smile to all listeners. Be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear Sara’s song ‘I Can’t Wait’.

Here’s Sara’s brand new video!!