A Podcast About Sports

from the Good Stuff Kids team


Good Stuff Sports is a chance for young sports fans to hear from athletes, writers, podcasters, coaches, and others in the world of sports who have a story to share.

When I was younger, I was a sports lover, and I learned an immense amount by reading about my heroes like Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, and Magic Johnson. I watched my heroes like Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, and Thurman Thomas continue to play even after Super Bowl setbacks. I still vividly remember reading Magic’s free throw advice: “Concentrate, bend the elbow, and hopefully swish.” As I put the pump back, I got the idea for the Good Stuff Sports Podcast.

Good Stuff Sports is a show that features athletes and others in the sports industry and their stories. What do they love about their sport or athletics in general? How important is practice? We’ll hear stories about not giving up, and of the hard work that goes into seeing results. What are the moments and highlights that stand out in their careers? Join me, Mike Mason, as I get to know a side of sports that kids can listen to and be inspired by.

Good Stuff Sports #21 – Bob Katz

Sometimes things don’t work out the way we plan.  That’s the case for EZ the main character in Bob Katz’s “EZ And The Intangibles”.  It’s a basketball story, but more so it’s a story of resilience that young athletes will relate to and learn from.  Bob and I talked about hoops, refereeing, youth sports, and about his book.  If you have a young athlete in your home they will enjoy this conversation and Bob’s book.

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Good Stuff Sports #19 – Frank Gallo

I had a blast talking with Frank Gallo from Rolie Polie Guacamole about his bands brand new song ‘Ay Batta Batta’.  The band’s first new single since 2014!  It’s the perfect soundtrack to your World Series viewing.  It’ll get the littlest little leaguer and the biggest big leaguer pumped to swing the bat and catch some fly balls!  Frank and I had a wide ranging chat about training for the New York Marathon, Primus, and the greatness of Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage.

To hear more from Frank you can always go back to episode #134 where I talk to Frank and his dad Lou about their ‘Like Father Like Son’ project.

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Good Stuff Sports #18 – Mila Manevska

Team Handball!  It’s an Olympic Sport and it is so fun to play.  I talked to Mila Manevska from the DC Diplomats who taught me all about this incredible sport.  You’ll really understand how this is a global sport and why so many people really love to play the game!

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Good Stuff Sports #16 – Hiker Steve

If you need inspiration to get outdoors and see the world then you have got to check out Hiker Steve. He’s all about helping people cultivate their passion for being outside. In many cases it’s a family affair for him too. He loves to hike with his son. Be sure to check out his website to stay updated on everything that he’s up to. He shares many beautiful photos and is a very good social media-er.

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Good Stuff Sports #15 – I Like to Ride My Bike (Lisa and Mike)

Lisa and Mike like to go on vacation.  Don’t you?  The main difference is  that Lisa and Mike like to go on bicycle vacations.  They ride their bikes everywhere!  They’ve even started bringing their kids along.  They document their trips of their Youtube Channel.  You’ll learn a lot from hearing how they prepare and be super jealous of some of the places that they’ve been!

Here’s a special treat – Mike also has a career as a musician for kids!  He’s the guy behind two kids albums, Howdy Tunes and Rainbow Songs You won’t want to miss that part of the conversation as well as sticking around for his song ‘Gigantosaurus’.

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Good Stuff Sports #14 – Joel Salvino (The Wild West Trail)

Have you ever done any long distance backpacking or hiking?  I’ve tried a little, with no success.  Joel Salvino on the other hand loves it!  So much so that he’s trying to create a new connected trail system called the Wild West Trail in the Idaho area that would be the HUGE!  I learned a ton during this talk about supplies and gear.  Get outside and hike.

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Good Stuff Sports #12 – Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller is an award winning women’s lacrosse player.  She taught me a lot about women’s lacrosse throughout the course of this conversation.  She has played at the D1 College Level, and has been playing for the Israeli National Women’s Team for the last several seasons.  Courtney has recovered from a torn ACL to return to the sport that she loves.  Her story is guaranteed to inspire you.

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