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Episode #157 – Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast

Episode #157 – Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast

Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast and I talked all about her band’s brand new kids album ‘Best Kids’.  It was great to hear from Bethany about how Best Coast came to kids music.  Why she likes family music, and how it fits in to the bands repetoire.  You’ll love their re-interpretation of their song ‘When I’m With You’ which was re-recorded for this album!  You can find the record here.  It’s exclusively on Amazon Music, so put your prime subscription to very good use and check out this awesome album.

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Episode #156 – Suzi Shelton *Interview and World Premier Video*

It’s an awesome day today!  Not just because Suzi Shelton is on the Good Stuff Kids Podcast for the very first time, but also because it’s my honor to premier her brand new video ‘The Grass Is Always Greener’ featuring Tim Kubart!  

‘The Grass Is Always Greener’ sums up Suzi and her music – fun, uplifting, clever, colorful, vibrant, inspired, joyful, and creative.  


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Episode #155 – Jumpin’ Jamie

Get ready to jump!  Jumpin’ Jamie and I had a great conversation about so many different topics like Dinosaurs, Back to the Future, Rock n’ Roll, and of course his incredible music for kids and families.  He just put out his first record called ‘Kookie’.  You can also hear his song “I Wanna Be Healthy’ at the end of the show.  You’ll also learn about Field Station Dinosaurs where you can catch Jumpin’ Jamie live.

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Episode #154 – Slay Duggee

Ok, brace yourself… This one is totally metal.  I talked to Ricky Bow-Wow and Black Shuck from Slay Duggee about their brand new record.  It shred’s and slay’s.  Their new album comes out tomorrow, October 5th, and you will want to be the first one on your block to say that you knew Slay Duggee before they became massive stars.  Stay tuned all the way until the end of the show to hear their interpretation of the ‘Octonauts’ theme song.  Bang your heads (but not too hard).

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Episode #153 – Super Stolie

Happy October!  It was a truly awesome to welcome Super Stolie to the Good Stuff Kids Podcast.  “Super Stolie (Rebecca Stoelinga) has been performing for children since 2007! She is a musician and artist who loves to use creativity to inspire the uniqueness in all of us. With her colorful outfits and vibrant personality, kids want to be her friend, join the band, and showcase their awesome, unique selves! She offers two types of shows, including one that is bilingual to incorporate her love of the Spanish language and Latin culture!”

This is a great conversation which was made better by Super Stolie’s mom being able to weigh in!  Stay tuned all the way to the end to hear the song ‘Hi Hello Hola Hey’ from her new dance remix album ‘10’.  Your family will be dancing all over the house or car when you put this one on!  Be sure to check out her video for the song ‘So Big’.  You can find it below:

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You need to hear Big Block Singsong.  You really do. They are making some of the catchiest and funniest songs and music videos around.  It was really interesting to see how the minds behind Big Block Singsong, Warren Brown and Adam Goddard, work together to make the music and videos.  You may have seen Big Block Singsong on Disney Jr or the Disney Now app.  If you haven’t check them out.  Stay tuned all the way through to hear my daughter’s anthem ‘Princess’.  It rocks. IT ROCKS!!

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Episode #151 – Phredd

Fun is the name of the game on this episode.  Here’s a great talk with a Ukelele One Man Band named Phredd.  He loves to bring joy and humor through his music.  We talked pumpkins, ukeleles, pirates, dogs, and all about his new record ‘Ukelele One Man Band’.  Phredd is enthusiastic and was a blast to talk to.  You can hear the full song ‘Captain Jack O Lantern The Pumpkin Pirate’ at the end of the episode.  Check him out!  

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Episode #150 BONUS – Kenji Lopez-Alt

The 150th episode celebration continues!  Here’s a recording of Kenji Lopez-Alt’s ‘Good Morning, Good Morning’ which was not included in our conversation from episode #135.  It’s a little bit of bonus content to help celebrate 150 of good stuff!  If you love it let us know, hit me and Kenji up on Twitter!

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Episode #150 – Andy Z

150 Episodes of certified and bonafied Good Stuff for kids and families!  For this very special installment Andy Z came to my house to talk about his brand new album Camp Andyland as well as all of the things that make Andyland such a fun and exciting place.  I was also lucky that Andy Z played a few songs, just for me, and you can hear them on this episode.  He played ‘Went to a Party With Dinosaurs’, and ‘Galaxy Song’   If you live in the Bay Area there is no doubt that you will be able to see Andy Z in concert somewhere nearby.  He’s one of the hardest workers in kids/family music!

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Episode #149 – Senor Fancypants

“Señor Fancypants writes catchy indie-pop songs for children or anyone that has ever been a child.”  So so so so true!  Brian Smith knows music and he knows comedy.  He also uses his experience as a dad to improvise creative music for kids.  Be sure to listen all the way to the end of the episode to hear the song ‘Fireworks and Fireflies’ and pick up Senor Fancypants’ first album Senor Fancypants.

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