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Episode #126 – John Demers (Rusty Bucket Kids)

Episode #126 – John Demers (Rusty Bucket Kids)

John Demers has had a very unique and cool career in showbiz.  Ever thought about being an actor as a younger person?  He did it!  Ever watch the West Wing?  He was on it!  Ever dreamed of creating your own educational TV show and filming it in your home town?  He did it!  It’s called Rusty Bucket Kids, and you’re going to love hearing about it.  It’s quickly approaching the 10th anniversary of the show, and I was thrilled to get to talk to John about some of the behind the scenes work that went into making the show.

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Good Stuff Sports #15 – I Like to Ride My Bike (Lisa and Mike)

Lisa and Mike like to go on vacation.  Don’t you?  The main difference is  that Lisa and Mike like to go on bicycle vacations.  They ride their bikes everywhere!  They’ve even started bringing their kids along.  They document their trips of their Youtube Channel.  You’ll learn a lot from hearing how they prepare and be super jealous of some of the places that they’ve been!

Here’s a special treat – Mike also has a career as a musician for kids!  He’s the guy behind two kids albums, Howdy Tunes and Rainbow Songs You won’t want to miss that part of the conversation as well as sticking around for his song ‘Gigantosaurus’.

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Episode #125 – Melita and Isaac

I got to meet up with Melita and Isaac at Isaac’s house in Oakland not too long ago.  I had such a nice time talking with them about their partnership, and kinda putting them on the spot to say nice things about each other.  Which they did!  I also got to hear them perform several songs just for me!  Don’t worry, you’ll hear them on this episode as well.  Melita and Isaac work really well together and it was so fun to see them interact and talk about the music that they make.  They’re intentional in the music they make and are two of the kindest people I’ve ever been around!

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Episode #124 – Bitcoin 101 with Joel Salvino / Nik Lettuce Clubhouse

Do you know anything about bitcoin?  I know nothing.  I had another talk with Joel Salvino from Good Stuff Sports #14 because in addition to being an expert hiker/backpacker, he also knows about bitcoin.  Joel did the best that he could to teach me, but I’m pretty sure I just don’t get block chains and mining for bitcoin.  Anyhow, it was really fun, and you’ll probably get it quicker than I ever will.

I also talked to Nik Lettuce, whose brand new podcast for kids and families ‘Nik Lettuce Clubhouse’ is premiering in April 19th.  It was great to talk to Nik, and he made some Wrestlemania predictions.

Obviously, good stuff for kids and families is not limited in scope!  Wrestling, bitcoin, and crows.  All in one episode.  Enjoy!

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Episode #123 – Music Monkey Jungle

Talking with Lori from Music Monkey Jungle was a blast.  She is high energy and fun.  Just like the music she makes!  We had a great conversation about music and what she studied in grad school!  ORFF!  You’ll have to listen to find out what exactly that is.  If you’re looking for fun music with all kinds of great messages and opportunities for movement then Lori and Music Monkey Jungle have you covered

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Episode #122 – Stinky Ninja

Don’t worry, it’s not that Stinky… My new buddy Adam from Stinky Ninja told me the story behind the songs and stories.  Stinky Ninja have got great quality music and a ton of videos to share.  Every week they release a new video and they’re starting live performances.  If you’re in Australia you’ve got to check them out!  Check out their song ‘Tres Amigos Stinky’ at the end of the show.

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Episode #121 – Johnny Bregar Returns!

He’s back!  If you listened to episode #11 you know how much the Good Stuff Family love Johnny Bregar’s music.  It was such a treat to welcome Johnny back to talk about his new record ‘Imaginary Universe’.  Be sure to listen all the way through to hear the full new song ‘I Play Music’.

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Good Stuff Sports #14 – Joel Salvino (The Wild West Trail)

Have you ever done any long distance backpacking or hiking?  I’ve tried a little, with no success.  Joel Salvino on the other hand loves it!  So much so that he’s trying to create a new connected trail system called the Wild West Trail in the Idaho area that would be the HUGE!  I learned a ton during this talk about supplies and gear.  Get outside and hike.

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Episode #120 – Mat Reiffe (Razor & Tie Records)

Mat Reiffe has had a really cool, and different, music career. He was instrumental (pun!) in helping Kidz Bop become the global phenomenon it is today. Now he’s involved in another project called Lullapop Lullabies which is lullaby versions of some of the biggest hits in pop music, and they sound goooooood!  Really good.  And don’t miss a very very special 4+1

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Episode #119 – Tami Stronach and Greg Steinbruner (Paper Canoe Company)

This episode will definitely spark your creative thoughts!  Tami and Greg from the Paper Canoe Company have some really amazing projects for kids and families that you have to check out!  This quote from their website sums up what they are all about ‘Paper Canoe creates stories that make kids feel like grown ups and make grown ups feel like kids.’  Do you think that Tami looks familiar?  Well, she just might if you’ve seen the Never Ending Story where she played the role of the Child-like Empress!

I also caught up with Uncle D who tells me all about how he’s going to spend his saturday.  Driving his “dog baby” to Louisville!  That doesn’t sound funny, but it is!

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