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Episode #200 – Marsha and the Positrons

Episode #200 – Marsha and the Positrons

200 episodes. I’ve talked to so many incredible people who are using their talents to create art – music/books/movies/games/podcasts – for families. It’s been an honor and a genuine joy to create so many relationships with people around the world. Truly. The Good Stuff Kids Podcast has gone global. From All over the United States, to England, to Australia and New Zealand.Episode 200 features Marsha Goodman-Wood from Marsha and the Positrons. We talk science, and so much more. Marsha is the perfect example of why I do this podcast. She’s making good stuff for kids and families and more people should know about it!  Listen to her song ‘Positrons’ and I guarantee you’ll learn something and you’ll want to know what else she’s cooking up in the lab!

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Episode #199 – KJ Dell’Antonia

Want to be a happier parent?  Luckily I had a chance to talk to KJ Dell'Antonia about her book, "How To Be A Happier Parent".  I'd really like to be a happier parent, wouldn't we all?  I was so grateful for KJ's insights and advice.  "KJ Dell’Antonia is a writer and a...

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Episode #198 – Ben Rudnick

I had the amazing opportunity to talk to Ben Rudnick.  We talked about family music, the Grateful Dead, and musicals.  Some of my favorite stuff!  “The award-winning music of Ben Rudnick and Friends, Boston-based pioneers of the kindie music scene, has delighted families nationwide for nearly two decades.  Propelled by a sonic boom of critical praise crowned by seven Parents’ Choice® Awards and a John Lennon Songwriting Award.”  You can hear Ben’s song ‘A Frog Named Sam’ at the end of the show.  Find all of the past episodes at www.goodstuffpod.com !!!

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Episode #197 – Ants Ants Ants

Let’s get to know Ants Ants Ants!  “With stylistic nods to 1970’s era Sesame Street, School House Rock, and “The Point” by Harry Nilsson, Ants Ants Ants recalls the best elements of a fun and fanciful childhood – the thrill of knocking down a tower of blocks; the fun of imagining what your dog is thinking; a make believe world where nocturnal animals meet in the park at night to play games.

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Episode #196 – Matt Heaton

Do you know what Toddlerbilly is?  You’re about to, Matt Heaton is on the show and he’s got some great music to share with you and your family.  Matt believes that “Music for kids can be entertaining and enjoyable for both children and their parents. This is the mandate behind Matt Heaton’s kid music, a style he calls “toddlerbilly.” His songs are a mix of Rockabilly, Surf, American Roots, and Irish traditional music, delivered with a wry sense of humor and a serious sense of fun.”  You can hear Matt’s song ‘Hop, Wiggle, Waddle’ at the end of the show.  It gives you a real sense of what Toddlerbilly is.  You’ll be so glad to have Matt and his music as part of your life!

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Episode #195 – Claudia Gunn

I talked to Claudia Gunn while she was on vacation and watching the ocean in orNew Zealand.  I was immensly jealous for two reasons:  1.  She lives in New Zealand and 2.  She was on vacation… IN NEW ZEALAND.  Then it got even better.  We got into talking about the music she makes for families.  Her Little Wild Music project “is a little creative endeavour with a big mission: to celebrate the magic in every extraordinary day of childhood. Stay tuned all the way to the end to hear Claudia’s song ‘Everywhere Stars’.

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Episode #194 – Mister G / Sonshine and Broccoli

It’s a double whammy!  Welcome back to Mister G as well as Sonshine and Broccoli!  Mister G gave me the scoop on his new album ‘Fireflies’ and Sonshine and Broccoli filled me in on ‘It’s Cool To Be Kind’.  I also was able to meet Mister and Mrs. G when they came to visit Houston.  They’re the best!  And so are Sonshine and Broccoli!

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Episode #192 – Mr Jon and Friends (Jon and Carrie Lewis)

This interview with Mr. Jon has been a long time coming!  I originally emailed with Mr. Jon in the summer of 2017 – and finally… finally we were able to connect and make it happen.  Mr. Jon and Carrie shared their musical story and what inspires them to create music for kids and families.  That awesome song you heard?  It’s called ‘Play My Drum’ and it’s on the new record ‘Rock and Rhyme’.Mr. Jon & Friends is Parents’ Choice Award winning music for kids and their families.This energetic family music is all about fun, movement, and laughter! Mr. Jon & Friends makes music for kids and their families that inspire fun, laughter, and dancing.

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