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Episode #214 – The Shazzbots (Ian Hummel)

Episode #214 – The Shazzbots (Ian Hummel)

The Shazzbots are an “Intergalactic rock band and champions of music, art and all things creative, blast off for adventure in their Space Winnebago, to spread their rockin’ tunes to all the children of the cosmos!  For over 10 years, The Shazzbots have been entertaining kiddos and parents of all ages with their unique brand of music, adventure and fun!”

I got to talk to Ian, The Captain, about the Shazzbots and the music they make as well as their Emmy winning television show!  Make sure you check out their song ‘On the Playground’ from their new album ‘Lightspeed’.

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Episode #213 – Andy Gutman

“Andy Gutman is a songwriter, children’s book author and businessman in the metro-Detroit area. His love of books, reading and writing began early on. He’ll tell you he’s not a musician, but he has a passion for songwriting. When he was young he would jot down lyrics in journals and then set the journal aside, not certain what, if anything, he would do with them. As they sat collecting dust, he pursued a career in finance and commercial real estate. Although he puts in long hours on the job, he’s never lost sight of his creative dreams. Since that time, Gutman worked with various artists who sang and produced the more than 300 songs he’s penned, because “nobody wants to hear [him] sing.”

Recently he turned his creative visions into four children’s books, which all began as songs. His books are written in a lyrical style amidst vibrant illustrations.

His most recent book, Charlie the Caterpillar: What Can I Be Today?, is a 38-page story, conceived by Gutman and his daughter Riley, that focuses on the dreams that all kids have about what they can be when they grow up.”

Check out his song ‘Charlie the Caterpillar’ at the end of the show!

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Episode #212 – The Cuddly Koalas

Diversity, Multi-Culturalism, Acceptance!  That's just a small part of the message from Australia's own The Cuddly Koalas.  They are also helping young hip hop fans talk about their emotions.  We got into talking about Hip Hop and how it can reach all audiences....

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Episode #211 – Dana’s Music Playground

Dana and I had a great chat on the Good Stuff Hotline.  She shared her passion and enthusiasm for creating high quality content for kids.  You can hear it in her music and see it in the video series that she makes.  Check out her youtube channel!  Quality galore!   She also teaches classes, and records music.  Be sure to check out her song ‘Jump and Jive’ at the end of the episode.

“CHILD magazine calls her energy and enthusiasm “contagious” and named Dana as one of the “Top Five Kids’ Singers You Should Know.” Over the past twenty years, children across America have been singing, stomping, jumping and cheering as Dana has performed across the nation with her upbeat tunes and bubbly personality. Incorporating both familiar favorites and original songs from her five popular recordings, Dana’s dynamic performances stimulate imaginations, inspire interaction and introduce children to nearly every style of music.”

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Episode #210 – Craig Pomranz

The multi-talented Craig Pomranz joins me to talk about his book, Made By Raffi, and so much more!

Inspired by a true-life incident, Made By Raffi is the story of a little boy who likes to knit and sew — at first he is teased for his hobby, but in the end he becomes a hero to his class. Recently released in Chinese and Korean the Made by Raffi is now published in 8 languages and 11 countries so far by UK publishers Frances Lincoln. Award-winning artist Margaret Chamberlain is the illustrator.

Craig wrote the book to support young boys and girls who are perceived as “different” because of their appearance or hobbies. It is a funny colorful book with a serious message and will interest those who care about promoting diversity and embracing our differences, as well as all children seeking to fit in.

Additionally, composers Amanda McBroom (Bette Midler’s “The Rose”) and Michele Brourman (The Land Before Time) wrote a song “Different” which you can hear at the end of the episode.

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Episode #209 – Sing Song Party Time (Derek McKinley)

Derek McKinley and I immediately became best friends as we started talking.  We covered all kinds of topics like Japan, skiing, teaching, and of course the music that Derek makes.  Derek cares for children and children’s rights as well as the environment and his music reflects that!  “The main goal of Sing Song Party Time is to provide fun and creative children’s music with an emphasis on healthy living and environmental awareness so that children will feel empowered to live full and happy lives.”

Be sure to listen to his song ‘Llama Lou’ at the end of this episode!  Email mike@goodstuffpod.com with question or if you think you have good stuff to share!

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Episode #208 – Ethan T. Berlin

Ethan Berlin has contributed in many different ways to the world of Kids Media.  He’s made apps, he’s worked on TV Shows, he’s the voice of L.I.S.A from the Pants on Fire Podcast, hosts a public access show for kids, and he’s also an author.  I had the opportunity to meet and work with Ethan, and I knew that he would be a perfect guest for the Good Stuff Kids Podcast.  After all, he makes funny stuff for kids, and we all need more funny stuff in our lives.  Got something that you think is good stuff?  Email me!  mike@goodstuffpod.com 

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Episode #207 – Mr Tommy

This one is a blast of fun and joy!  Mr. Tommy and I hit it off right away and we had an awesome conversation as he set up for his concert at the Florida State Fair.  He even sang me a song!

“Mr. Tommy, Tommy Girvin, is a dynamic performer, entertainer, author & educator with 35+ years of experience as a touring rock musician and musical director with the famous rock singer Eddie Money. Mr. Tommy’s mission is to bring children joy, encourage imagination & creativity and build self-esteem through music and musical experiences.  Mr. Tommy’s Mobile Music Bus that is an ongoing, ever changing, enchanting and inspiring music and exercise enrichment program. Endorsed by the Early Learning Coalition, this music classroom on wheels brings a fun, active, dynamic, and educational music session to pre-schools and children’s events that serves over 300+ kids a week.”

Stay tuned until the end of the show for his songs ‘Hippopotamus’ and  ‘If I was a Fish’.  They’re both instant classics!

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Episode #206 – Beth Jean

Funky Farms and Martians!  It’s all fair game for Beth Jean and her music that is so perfect for families.  “Beth Jean’s knack for writing catchy, clever songs is enriched with her memorable style and talent of creating lively sets for various media that makes for a unique niche in today’s children’s market. Her DIY spirit has allowed her to produce an unforgettable world of sparkling images, hooky tunes and family friendly sketches.”  Sparkles galore! Unicorns!

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Episode #205 – Johnette and Scott

"Swamp Romp," is the brand new Louisiana dance party album from Johnette and Scott. Johnette is a well-known musician and children's book author, and Scott is a 3-time GRAMMY winning producer and A&R director at Rounder Records." It's a tasty gumbo of awesome...

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