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Episode #25 – Noam Katz

25 episodes! It seems fitting for one of my oldest (and best) friends to be on the show for the 25th episode. Noam Katz is a singer and songwriter who has released three albums with a fourth in process. We’ve played many shows, and eaten tons of chicken wings/bbq/various other snacks with together, and it was an interesting challenge to take our usual banter and try to transform it in a way that showcased Noam the performer/songwriter.

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Episode #23 – Ellen Allard

Ellen Allard is a very very talented woman with many talents and interests from Vegan cooking to Yoga for kids. Primarily though she is an incredible kids musician. Make sure you check her out! Plus – Dr. Eric returns!

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Episode #21 – Lily from Curiosity Pack

Lily the creator of Curiosity Pack joins me to talk education, creativity and kids! She’s got all the goods in terms of being able to put together customized learning experiences for your child. Are you into the idea of joyful learning? Then Curiosity Pack is for you.

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Bonus! – Ligiah Villalobos

Let’s set the scene – One afternoon I was watching ‘Go Diego Go’ with my daughter and saw that the head writer’s name was Ligia Villalobos. So, what’s a fledgling podcaster to do? I looked Lighia up on twitter and messaged her asking if she wanted to come on the show. She said yes!

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