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Good Stuff Sports #17 – Kids Obstacle Challenge

Good Stuff Sports #17 – Kids Obstacle Challenge

I got a chance to speak to Molly Stinson from Kids Obstacle Challenge.  It was awesome.  We talked about what Kids Obstacle Challenge is and how much fun kids have participating and getting ultra muddy.  She also assured me that it wouldn't be too difficult for a...

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Episode #134 – Like Father Like Son (Lou and Frank Gallo)

Lou and Frank Gallo have both been making music for kids and families separately for many years.  You can even that kids and family music is the family business!  They’ve finally come together to make a record and it’s awesome!  You may know Lou from Lou Gallo and the Very Hungry Band, and you may know Frank from Rolie Polie Guacamole

You may not know that, just in time for Father’s Day, that Lou and Frank teamed up to form a band called Like Father Like Son, and they just put out a brand new record called ‘Sun is a Star’.  It was so great to talk to Lou and Frank about their relationship and what it was like to make music together.  It was nice to hear a father and son who worked together and seemed to learn a lot about each other through the experience of making music.  Happy Father’s Day to all the Good Stuff Dad’s!

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Episode #133 – Falu

Falu recently released her first family record called ‘Falu’s Bazaar’ and it is a treat!  Falu and I dug into the music a bit as well as the significance of the languages she sings in.  This record is rooted in tradition and I was so happy that Falu was willing to share so much with me.  I think that you will agree that it was a great and educational experience and conversation.  Passing tradition on is so important.  Stay tuned all the way until the end of the show to hear Falu’s song ‘Hulululu Bus’.

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Episode #132 – Scott Weaver

Scott Weaver has created a replica of San Francisco that is as large as 5 refrigerators.  What makes his creation spectacular is that it is made entirely out of toothpicks and has tracks on which ping pong balls can travel through his city.  My family had the pleasure of meeting Scott at the Exploratorium in San Francisco where he told us about his work.  We then continued the conversation for the podcast.  You’re going to find Scott’s story incredible.  From toothpicks to massive Christmas light displays, Scott has lived a life in which he has followed his passions and creativity.  He is an inspiration and a really really good guy!

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Episode #131 – Mick Sullivan (The Past and The Curious) / Steve Denyes Returns!

Get the scoop behind the podcast with the greatest name and it’s creator, Mick Sullivan!  Mick produces the outstanding The Past and The Curious podcast which is all about history and is designed for kids.  We talked about music, the podcast, and Louisville among other subjects.  Be sure to check out Mick’s podcast and our other friends at kidslisten.org  Follow the Hashtag #kidslistensummer to see what all of your favorite family friendly shows are up to!

It was great to catch up with Steve Denyes from Hullabaloo who has recently released a new record called ’20 songs in 20 Days’.  Steve wrote a new song based on suggestions from his fans and then enlisted some of his friends (many of whom have been on the Good Stuff Kids Podcast) to create their own versions.  These songs were written as a fundraiser for Happy Star Melodies.  Want to hear this collection of songs?  Click here!

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Episode #130 – Marky Monday

Enter Marky Monday’s world!  It’s full of important things like chickens, superheroes, and dairy.  Yes dairy!  It was great to get to know Marky Monday and hear about the work that he’s done.  He’s got a live show that can’t be missed.  Be sure to check out his website for tour dates.  Your kids will love it!  Stay tuned all the way to the end of the episode to hear ‘Chick Chick Chicken’ which my kids totally love as well as ‘Superheroes’.  Be sure to get a copy of his latest record ‘Marky Monday’s Adventures in Dreamland’.

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Good Stuff Sports #16 – Hiker Steve

If you need inspiration to get outdoors and see the world then you have got to check out Hiker Steve. He’s all about helping people cultivate their passion for being outside. In many cases it’s a family affair for him too. He loves to hike with his son. Be sure to check out his website to stay updated on everything that he’s up to. He shares many beautiful photos and is a very good social media-er.

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Episode #129 – Cheri Magill

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so be sure to treat the mother’s in your life to the beautiful and fun new record by Cheri Magill.  The album is called ‘Tour Guide’, and it is all about Cheri’s journey through motherhood.  You can hear the brand new song ‘Tour Guide’ if you stay tuned all the end of this episode.  Cheri and I bonded over some shared parenthood experiences.  You must be sure to show the Mother’s in your life Cheri’s video for the song ‘Crazy’.  They will most definitely relate!  You can see it right here, right now!

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Episode #128 – Spaghetti Eddie

ime to rock with Erick and Brendan from Spaghetti Eddie!  We had a really fun talk and I think you’ll really like their brand new album which is the fifth volume of family music that they’ve released. Check out all their videos as well!  Be sure to stay tuned all the the way to the end to hear their fantastic new song ‘Let’s Go Explore’.

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Episode #127 – Sara Lovell Returns!

Sara Lovell is back with an incredible new record, 'Wild is Everywhere'.  Stay tuned all the way to the end of show for the brand new song 'Rhinoceros Under the Bed'. Sara's new record came out on April 20th, and she's got lot's of cool stuff lined up to mark the...

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