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Good Stuff Sports #7 – Neil Wattier

Good Stuff Sports #7 – Neil Wattier

Hockey is a great sport. It’s fast paced and so fun to watch live. I had never thought about what it would be like to be a parent to a young hockey player. Luckily, I had a resource to fill me in. Neil Wattier, who is the host of The Hockey Parent Podcast, shared his experiences living the life of a hockey family. I learned a ton about the game and about the dedication that it takes to help a young athlete realize their dreams. Be sure to subscribe to Neil’s show, and tell a friend about Good Stuff Sports as well!

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Episode #72 – Ben Clanton / Debbie Aronson

Episode #72 is a straight up book spectacular! I talked to Ben Clanton about creating the art for Laurie Berkner’s book for the song ‘We Are The Dinosaurs’. That’s not all though, Ben is a really clever and creative artist who has several books of his own. Check them out! I also had a great time talking to Debbie Aronson who wrote the book ‘Where’s My Tushy?” This book is awesome! I never would have known about it if my 5 year old daughter had not brought it home from the library! I’m so grateful that she did. I had such a nice time talking to Debbie and getting to know her. Debbie was so kind to share the story behind the book with me. It’s a lot deeper than you might think.

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Episode #71 – Joanie Leeds

Joanie Leeds is on this week’s episode! I loved talking to her about her music and to hear about her brand new album ‘Brooklyn Baby’ which comes out this week. Be sure to check out her brand new song ‘Shayna Punim’ to get a sneak peak at the new music that Joanie has written for us. It’s brilliant! We covered a lot of ground on this episode, from summer camp to the band phish. Don’t miss it!

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Episode #70 – Frances England

Finally! This one has been almost a year in the making. We love Frances England’s music in our house. Her songwriting is great and her voice is incredible. Her last (grammy nominated) album ‘Explorer of the World’ describes her city, San Francisco. We’ve had a lot of Frances’ music on our 4+1 countdown, and her song ‘Explorer of the World’ has been on numerous times. It was such a treat to speak with Frances and to hear her story. Listen all the way to the end to hear her song ‘My Street’! It’s a good one.

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Episode #69 – Chanel Tsang from the Peace Out Podcast

The Good Stuff Family has been searching for something like the Peace Out Podcast for a long time. We’ve got three exceptionally energetic kids at home and sometimes we just need them to chill! We started listening to Chanel Tsang and her Peace Out Podcast a few weeks ago and her show is helping us a ton! My kids will listen and follow Chanel’s instructions. It’s a game changer for parents who just need a moment of peace and quiet. Chanel shared some of her insights on mindfulness and what her show is about. Be sure to subscribe to Peace Out on itunes.

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Episode #68 – Brady Rymer

Brady has an amazing story. From playing in his jam band “From Good Homes”, as well as playing bass with Laurie Berkner to his own incredible band “The Little Band that Could” Brady Rymer has honed a high energy sound that is perfect for kids and families. He shares his love for the accordion and the joy and care that he puts into his concerts. He wants to get the energy and the music going. Music lovers can relate to that!!! He loves for kids and families to leave inspired and happy.

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Episode #67 – Michael Napolitano (Michael and the Rockness Monsters)

Energy! Commitment! Fun! Those were just a few of the adjectives that crossed my during a very fun conversation with Michael Napolitano from Michael and the Rockness Monsters. They have a brand new record, ‘Funny Faces’ coming out on April 28, and I had a blast learning about it! There’s something for everyone on this album, silly songs, meaningful songs, and songs with a message. Be sure to stay tuned all the way to the end of the show to hear the brand new song ‘Elevator Song’. You’ll have a smile on your whole face during this entire episode.

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Episode #66 – Steve Burns

Steve Burns (you may remember him from Blues Clues) and Steven Drozd (from the Flaming Lips) have a band called STEVENSTEVEN and they have released their first album ‘Foreverywhere’. It was fascinating to hear from Steve about the music that he and Steven have made and the story of how they got to this point.

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Episode #65 – Steve Denyes from Hullabaloo

Hullabaloo is a Kindie Rock institution. I spoke to Steve Denyes the day after their 3000th show. The band has been performing for 13 years and has put out 13 albums! You’ll enjoy hearing all about the band, the music, and what Steve has learned after spending so much time singing with kids. Be sure to stay tuned all the way until the end of the show to hear the Hullabaloo song ‘I Wear Pink’.

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GS Sports #6 – Toby Pechner

Toby Pechner joins me on episode 6 of Good Stuff Sports to talk about his love of the San Francisco Giants as well as his time as a “Ball Dude” with the team. Ever wondered about what ball boys/bat boys do? What’s the game like for them? Toby has answers! Additionally, Assistant Producer Zachy joins me to give his prediction for the upcoming Baseball season. Spring is here! Let’s play ball!

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