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Episode #34 – Sarah Aroeste

Episode #34 – Sarah Aroeste

Sarah Aroeste has just released her first all-original Ladino language kids album 'Ora de Despertar'! What's Ladino? Great question! Listen to Sarah teach me all about this fascinating language. That's not it though - a brand new segment "Good Stuff Sports" debuts as well. Enjoy! read more

Episode #32 – Justin Roberts

Justin Roberts has provided the soundtrack to many family car rides, and he's back with a brand new album 'Lemonade'. It was a thrill to talk to Justin on the day the album was released. read more

Episode #30 – Sara Lovell

Sara Lovell just released her very first kids album 'You've Got Me', and it's great! Really great! The album has recently won a Parent's Choice Gold Award, LEGIT!!! read more

Episode #29 – The BreakWomb

I was introduced to The BreakWomb by my wife, Mrs. Goodstuff. She watches their videos and laughs until she cries, every single time. The team of Molly, Laurel, and Megan are incredibly hilarious and capture parenthood in a way that parents can relate to - the good, the annoying, the frustrating, and the amazing. read more

Episode #28 – Andrew & Polly

Andrew and Polly are the husband and wife duo behind the incredible and creative 'Ear Snacks' podcast. They have a new album coming out which features song that they've written for the podcast and it is such a fun and excellent record. read more

Episode #27 – Liza Dora

Liza Dora is an author whose books are great for kids and their parents with powerful messages of acceptance and that kids should be empowered to be who they want to be. read more

Episode #25 – Noam Katz

25 episodes! It seems fitting for one of my oldest (and best) friends to be on the show for the 25th episode. Noam Katz is a singer and songwriter who has released three albums with a fourth in process. We've played many shows, and eaten tons of chicken wings/bbq/various other snacks with together, and it was an interesting challenge to take our usual banter and try to transform it in a way that showcased Noam the performer/songwriter. read more