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Episode #50 – Zina Goldrich and Marcy Heisler (Junie B. Jones the Musical)

Episode #50 – Zina Goldrich and Marcy Heisler (Junie B. Jones the Musical)

Episode #50! Can you believe it? Neither can I. It was a total thrill to talk to Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich. They are a songwriting pair who have written some incredible music together that has been enjoyed by theater-goers around the world! They just released the brand new album/soundtrack for ‘Junie B. Jones The Musical’. Everyone knows Junie B.! We talked songwriting and classic musicals. So unbelievably fun.

I also caught Josh the Lawyer just as he and his family were about to leave for a trip to the UK. Josh the Lawyer was going to help me do something different with the 50th episode, but we didn’t quite get to it. Don’t worry, it will happen eventually and this short conversation more than makes up for it.

50 Episodes! Thanks to everyone who has supported the Good Stuff Kids Podcast! Here’s to 50,000,000 more.

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Episode #49 – Liz DeRoche aka The Singing Lizard

Electro-Kindie! That’s what I’m talking about! Electro-Kindie! I had a great time talking to Liz DeRoche aka The Singing Lizard about her musical journey and especially about the impact that she has on kids during her shows. Liz is super talented. She produces all of her music herself. You’ve got to hear about some of the people that she has toured with. Make sure to stay tuned all the way until the end to hear Liz’s song ‘Club Called Awesome.’

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Good Stuff Sports – A New Podcast Coming Soon

Coming soon – a brand new podcast hosted by ‘Good Stuff Kids’ Mike Mason where young sports fans can hear from athletes, writers, podcasters, coaches, and many others who are involved in the world of sports. We will hear stories that will inspire young athletes as well as some of our guests favorite highlights and memories.

Good Stuff Sports – Coming in early 2017.

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Episode #48 – Dr. Tovah Klein

Tovah Klein, Ph.d., is the Director of the Barnard College Center for Child Development.  She also wrote the incredibly influential book 'How Toddlers Thrive'.  She's legit and certified Good Stuff Approved!  I reached out to her to get an expert opinion on something...

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Episode #47 – Cory Cullinan aka Doctor Noize

Want to get to know someone who is the definition of hustle? I spoke to Cory Cullinan aka Doctor Noize about his music, books, videos, symphony shows, and apps. Really impressive! Our conversation turned into a family affair as I also got the chance to talk to Cory’s daughters and his mom. Super fun! Cory is immensely talented and you’ll be drawn to his magnetic personality.

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Special Episode – Live from Camp

A special episode featuring live recordings from summer 2016 at Camp Newman in Santa Rosa, California. Featuring past guests like Noam Katz, Dan Nichols, Billy Jonas, Rachel Mylan, and Alan Goodis, and new voices including Jacob ‘Spike’ Kraus, Jackson Mercer, Alana Green, Lucy Greenbaum, A Hint of Lime (Eitan Strauss-Cohen and Max Winer), Jake Snyder and Eitan Strauss-Cohen, and Rose Snitz.

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Episode #46 – Xploding Unicorn (James Breakwell)

Looking for a voice that captures your feelings on parenting? Someone who can turn the moments of parenting into twitter bursts of hilarity? Then you must check out the Xploding Unicorn. He spins parenting and the trials and tribulations that come with it into such a funny stream of tweets/facebook/Instagram posts that all parents will relate to. As we head in to the holiday season you’ll need James and his humor to help us through the tough times!

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Episode #45 – Alison Faith Levy

Alison Faith Levy came by Good Stuff studios and we had a great time chatting live at the kitchen table. Alison has had a great influence on kids music as a member of the Sippy Cups as well as her own solo career! Her music brilliantly captures the world with a perspective that both parents and kids will love.

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Episode #44 – Billy Jonas

Billy Jonas!  Billy and I spent a bit of time together outside under the stars in Sonoma talking about his music.  Billy is a very unique performer who has an incredible ability to engage audiences. Billy also builds or finds all of the instruments that he plays.  He plays everything from old water jugs to empty altoid containers.  Additionally, ever been to a neotribal hootenanny?  Well, if you haven’t you need to see Billy live in concert.  Stay tuned all the way to the end of the show to hear Billy’s song ‘I want to know’.  We really love this one in our family.

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Episode #43 – MisterSeth / Chloe from Chloe’s Friendship Circle

It’s a double whammy! I talked to MisterSeth about his approach to kids music and what he does in the classroom. We also talked about the videos that he makes. He’s made a lot of great song choices and your kids will love his videos. Check out his video for Good Eats! below. MisterSeth turned the tables on me at one point, and I made a statement that I’ll need to back up! I’m also playing part of my conversation with the incredible Chloe from Chloe’s Friendship Circle Podcast. Chloe is 6 years old and she in an incredible podcast host! I was honored to talk to her and get some really important fashion advice (hint… Crocs! Cargo Shorts!).

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