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Episode #43 – MisterSeth / Chloe from Chloe’s Friendship Circle

Episode #43 – MisterSeth / Chloe from Chloe’s Friendship Circle

It's a double whammy! I talked to MisterSeth about his approach to kids music and what he does in the classroom. We also talked about the videos that he makes. He's made a lot of great song choices and your kids will love his videos. Check out his video for Good Eats! below. MisterSeth turned the tables on me at one point, and I made a statement that I'll need to back up! I'm also playing part of my conversation with the incredible Chloe from Chloe's Friendship Circle Podcast. Chloe is 6 years old and she in an incredible podcast host! I was honored to talk to her and get some really important fashion advice (hint... Crocs! Cargo Shorts!). read more

Episode #41 – Carolyn Stromberg from Righteous Cheese

I talked to my very old friend, Carolyn Stromberg Leasure, who is the owner of an incredible cheese shop, Righteous Cheese, in Washington, DC. If you like cheese, and I know you do, you should check out what Carolyn has to say and you should go to her shop and eat all that artisan fromage! Man, do I love cheese! read more

Episode #40 – Patrick and The Rock-a-Silly Band

I had such a good time talking with Patrick and Pete from Patrick and the Rock-a-Silly Band.  It was so fun to hear about their music making and the fun that they have together.  I think you'll get a major kick out of our banter.  If you stay tuned all the way to the...

read more

Episode #39 – Stephen Michael Schwartz

Stephen Michael Schwartz! It was so cool to hear about his time with the Parachute Express and how he has toured the world making music for kids and families. Dr. Eric helps us solve the mystery behind the "outie". It's a complex issue that takes great medical knowledge to explain. read more

Episode #38 – Aram Rubenstein-Gillis / Ron Albanese

I was thrilled to talk to Aram Rubenstein-Gillis who wrote the song 'All In' that became a viral sensation. From the All In Facebook Page: "#ALLIN is an anti-bullying campaign that calls on us to treat each other with respect, to persevere through hardship and to create a brighter future. Ron Albanese is also on the show and we talk rockin' and rollin'. If you need a little surf-y sunshine, then Ron is your guy. read more

Episode #37 – Jaya and Eva from Svaha Clothing

Are you the type of person who likes to express themselves by wearing STEM based clothing? Do you like to breakdown gender stereotypes and proudly wear it on your T Shirt? Well, Svaha Clothing is for you. I loved talking to Jaya and Eva about their clothing line and hearing how passionate they are about making really really cool clothing. You've got to check it out! There is also a thematic 4+1 (well at least the 4 part), and I talk to Uncle D and Auntie C. It's a good one! read more

Episode #36 – Funkinships / Jake Broder Checks In

Ever dreamed of being in a band when you are banging on a pot or stomping your foot? Well, the band that you dreamed about is Funkinships! Jake Broder checks back in as well because his brand new album "I'm Not Tired", which we talked about in episode #12 is coming out November 1st! read more

Episode #35 – Erin Gleeson Returns! / Eli Lipmen from City Dads LA

Erin Gleeson is back to talk about her brand new book 'The Forest Feast Gatherings'! It's a beautiful book full of tasty and simple recipes designed to make gatherings and parties even more fun with recipes inspired by her home in the woods. Eli Lipmen is also on the show and he and I had a great talk about City Dad's which is a group for Dad's who are looking for fun things to do with their kids and want to get to know other likeminded fathers. read more

Episode #34 – Sarah Aroeste

Sarah Aroeste has just released her first all-original Ladino language kids album 'Ora de Despertar'! What's Ladino? Great question! Listen to Sarah teach me all about this fascinating language. That's not it though - a brand new segment "Good Stuff Sports" debuts as well. Enjoy! read more