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Episode #182 – Evan and Vanessa

Episode #182 – Evan and Vanessa

Prepare yourself for some sweet and soulful sounds.  Evan and Vanessa join me to talk all about their new album ‘In Our World There Are No Strangers’.  This was a great talk and you’ll want to hear a very beautiful and emotional (in a good way) story from Evan about how they believe in and are inspired by the those in their lives.  Be sure to listen all the way until the end to hear the song ‘Sun Sun Sun’.  It’s a beauty.

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Episode #167 – The Green Orbs

Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m thankful for bands like The Green Orbs who are making certified and bonafied awesome music for kids and families.  It’s extra special because Eddie and Heather are brother and sister!  Their brand new record, ‘Thumb Wrestling Champions’, is awesome in every way and not just because Abraham Lincoln shows up.  You can hear the full title track at the end of this episode.  The Green Orbs are truly pushing their digits to the limit (maybe the best line in recorded music, you’ll hear it).

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Episode #166 – Hot Peas ‘N Butter (Danny Lapidus)

Danny Lapidus from Hot Peas ‘N Butter joins me for a great talk about music, band names, and the brand new album ‘Back to the Land’. Danny also shared what it was like to collaborate with Laurie Berkner, Dan Zanes, and Peter Yarrow for the new record.   We talked about how the music has aspects of Americana and lot’s of multi-cultural influence.  You can hear that on the song ‘Funga Alafia’ which is at the end of the show.  “Hot Peas ‘n Butter is an award-winning, multicultural family music band that wows thousands of young audiences across the nation every year with their highly energetic and interactive musical style.”

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Episode #165 – Kids Imagine Nation

Music!  Videos!  Music Classes!  Live Performances!  Kids Imagine Nation will not stop entertaining and educating your family.  It was a pleasure to talk to the whole gang, and on my birthday nonetheless!  You’re going to love meeting Aaron, Rachel, and Beatz.  They’re so fun, their vibe is great, and you can tell they love working together.  Kid’s Imagine Nation have a brand new album called ‘Two’ that was just released, and you can hear not just the song ‘Jungle Party’, but also a brand new holiday song called ‘Santa’s Workshop’.  And check out their youtube page so that your family can enjoy their web series.  So much Good Stuff!!

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Episode #164 – Dan Crow

Dan Crow is a trusted and beloved name in kids and family music.  “Dan Crow is a performer of children’s songs. He is best known for performing the theme song of the movie The Adventures of Milo and Otis, but also composed many Disney songs, most significantly for Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo”.  I really appreciated the opportunity to get to know him and his background which also includes his work with kidzmusic.  Dan is a big part of the Kidz STEM Songz CD and DVD set. “Dan Crow’s acclaimed CD Concoctions (winner of the Parents’ Choice Silver, Academics’ Choice Smart Media and Creative Child CD of the Year awards) is included, featuring pop and rock productions sprinkled with techno beats.”  Listen all the way through this episode to hear Dan’s song ‘You’re An Engineer’.

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Episode #163 – Ginalina

“Ginalina is a modern folk-country singer for families and children of all ages!  Winner of the Western Canadian Music Awards and Juno-nominee, her fast, fun, and interactive songs shake up music festivals, international children’s events, community events, and schools everywhere! ”  She’s got a brand new album which is so piping hot and fresh that it just came out yesterday (11/5/18).  Be sure to check out the brand new song ‘Welcome To The Neighbourhood” at the end of the episode!

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Episode #162 – Randy and Dave / Wendy Morgan

It’s a double whammy to get you ready for the weekend!  Wendy Morgan from Wendy and DB comes back to talk about a brand new song called ‘Way Is Peace’, and there is a strong message behind this one:  By working in collaboration with not-for-profit groups on their latest single “Way is Peace”. “This special song highlights the true meaning of peace and love, and the good that can come to children as they embrace these universal qualities.  The proceeds from the upcoming single release will benefit Cure Violence.”  Stay tuned after my conversation with Wendy to hear a clip of the song, and be sure to download it here to support this very important cause.

Randy and Dave return to talk about their brand new record ‘Snorkel’.  ‘Snorkel’ is “another flock of clever, cheeky, laugh-out-loud funny songs that can come only from the minds of Randy & Dave.” You can hear the song ‘Mr. Bershmiker’ from the new album after our conversation!

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Episode #161 – Mr. Singer’s Halloween Spectacular

Mr. Singer is back to talk about his brand new album ‘Happy Haunted Halloween’.  It’s perfect for little ears who are going to go out on a trick or treating adventure!  Make sure that your little ghosts and goblins feast upon this very sweet ear candy.  You can also go back and hear Mr. Singer’s first time on the podcast, episode #136.  Happy Halloween!  Be sure to listen all the way through the episode to hear the brand new song ‘Ain’t Scared of Nothin”.

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Episode #160 – mömandpöp

Oh yeah!  Time to hear about some tasty jams from mömandpöp.I got to talk to Bobby about his band’s incredible music.  We talked about musical era’s, and how the concept of the band leads to an ever evolving sound.  Bobby takes his music very seriously, and it was so interesting to listen to him talk about all of the music that influences him.  The brand new record is called ‘Look Closer’.  This record is all Bubble Gum Pop, and you can hear the song ‘Let’s Take A Vacation’ in it’s entirety.

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Good Stuff Sports #19 – Frank Gallo

I had a blast talking with Frank Gallo from Rolie Polie Guacamole about his bands brand new song ‘Ay Batta Batta’.  The band’s first new single since 2014!  It’s the perfect soundtrack to your World Series viewing.  It’ll get the littlest little leaguer and the biggest big leaguer pumped to swing the bat and catch some fly balls!  Frank and I had a wide ranging chat about training for the New York Marathon, Primus, and the greatness of Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage.

To hear more from Frank you can always go back to episode #134 where I talk to Frank and his dad Lou about their ‘Like Father Like Son’ project.

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