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Episode #155 – Jumpin’ Jamie

Episode #155 – Jumpin’ Jamie

Get ready to jump!  Jumpin’ Jamie and I had a great conversation about so many different topics like Dinosaurs, Back to the Future, Rock n’ Roll, and of course his incredible music for kids and families.  He just put out his first record called ‘Kookie’.  You can also hear his song “I Wanna Be Healthy’ at the end of the show.  You’ll also learn about Field Station Dinosaurs where you can catch Jumpin’ Jamie live.

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Episode #139 – Bears and Lions

When I talked to Bear and Lion from Bears and Lions I learned all about the significance of pancakes and whales and so much more.  They escaped from the circus to start a club in the woods, and they want triple stacks.  Of cash.  And pancakes.  It’s all here in this mega-fun talk with Bear and Lion.  You can also hear the song ‘Hercules’ from their brand new album ‘Navigate’.  

Please pardon any car “beepy” sounds as the good stuff mobile studio was not entirely cooperative.

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Episode #138 – Janet Schreiner

Ready for some fun?  Janet Schreiner from the Cat’s Pajamas joined me for a lively conversation about her career in the kids/family music industry.  She has been making spreading joy through music and musical theater and her enthusiasm is completely infectious.  Be sure to listen until the end of the show to hear her version of the classic ‘Jellyman Kelly’ from her new record ‘Kitten Kaboodle’.  It’s available wherever you get your music!  

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Episode #137 – Tobi (Ashley Tobias)

Tobi (Ashley Tobias) wants you and your family to accept yourselves and stand up to bullying!  Her new project Be True To You is all about helping kids through difficult situations.  Tobi has had an interesting and varied career and it was great to hear her talk about this new project and how personal it was to her.  You’ll definitely want to check out her music, you will find her song ‘Bitty, the Bee’ if you listen all the way through this episdoe.  And be sure to check out the video below which is an introduction to the project.  

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Episode #136 – Mr. Singer

Imagine having the most incredible workplace in the world and it was just steps from your home!  That’s the amazing life that Mr. Singer leads.  He’s also got a band, Mr. Singer and the Sharp Cookies, and they just put out an awesome new record called, ‘Going to a Party’.  Don’t miss this really fun talk as well as Mr. Singer’s song ‘Your Sunny Smile’.  

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Episode #135 – Kenji Lopez-Alt

It was an incredible honor to be able to sit down for a conversation with Kenji Lopez-Alt.  We covered a lot of ground including food, science, and music!  Kenji wrote an incredible book ‘The Food Lab’ that will help you think about your food and cooking in a whole new way.  I hope you enjoy this one!  It’s dedicated to Josh the Lawyer who is Kenji’s biggest fan.  Big thanks to Sister Good Stuff for letting us use her office!

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Good Stuff Sports #17 – Kids Obstacle Challenge

I got a chance to speak to Molly Stinson from Kids Obstacle Challenge.  It was awesome.  We talked about what Kids Obstacle Challenge is and how much fun kids have participating and getting ultra muddy.  She also assured me that it wouldn't be too difficult for a...

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Episode #134 – Like Father Like Son (Lou and Frank Gallo)

Lou and Frank Gallo have both been making music for kids and families separately for many years.  You can even that kids and family music is the family business!  They’ve finally come together to make a record and it’s awesome!  You may know Lou from Lou Gallo and the Very Hungry Band, and you may know Frank from Rolie Polie Guacamole

You may not know that, just in time for Father’s Day, that Lou and Frank teamed up to form a band called Like Father Like Son, and they just put out a brand new record called ‘Sun is a Star’.  It was so great to talk to Lou and Frank about their relationship and what it was like to make music together.  It was nice to hear a father and son who worked together and seemed to learn a lot about each other through the experience of making music.  Happy Father’s Day to all the Good Stuff Dad’s!

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Episode #133 – Falu

Falu recently released her first family record called ‘Falu’s Bazaar’ and it is a treat!  Falu and I dug into the music a bit as well as the significance of the languages she sings in.  This record is rooted in tradition and I was so happy that Falu was willing to share so much with me.  I think that you will agree that it was a great and educational experience and conversation.  Passing tradition on is so important.  Stay tuned all the way until the end of the show to hear Falu’s song ‘Hulululu Bus’.

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