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Episode #75 – Randy Kaplan

Episode #75 – Randy Kaplan

Episode #75!  That’s a lot of episodes.  I got the chance to talk to someone that we call “our guy” around Good Stuff Studios. Randy Kaplan’s music has been in high rotation for years in our house and car. He’s witty, smart, and unafraid of tackling the big issues like farts, chips, and nose squeezing. We love his music and he’s the same person on his records as he is in conversation. Enjoy!!  Don’t forget to tag friends and share to get a $100 Waiter.com gift certificate!  It’s worth it!

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Episode #60 – Rabbit! / Caspar Addyman

A double whammy in honor of episode #60! Rabbit! is releasing an EP on Tuesday called the Golden Carrot. They are fun to talk to, make great music to listen to, and are totally certified Good Stuff approved. Be sure to check out their brand new song ‘Vegetables’ at the end of the show.

Caspar Addyman is one of the brilliant minds behind the song that is scientifically created to make babies smile! He is an expert on baby laughter, which sounds like the most joyful job a person can have. Be sure to check out and support his crowd funding effort to publish his new book!

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Episode #59 – Josh Funk

Josh Funk is an author who has written some extremely witty and fun books for kids. His latest book will be released on May 2 and it’s called ‘The Case of the Stinky Stench’ which is a sequel to his book ‘Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast’. It was really great to hear all about how Josh writes and then publishes his books. He also has the greatest email address in modern history. I’m not going to tell you what it is, but it involves funk, and you know how we feel about funk here at the Good Stuff Kids Podcast.

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Episode #58 – Billy Kelly

Billy Kelly brings the comedy that is completely appropriate for kids and families. Billy is certified and bonafied Good Stuff approved! We all need a laugh these days and Billy can totally bring it! To top it all off he’s also a family musician. You should definitely check out Billy’s new album called ‘My First Comedy Album’. This is good and clean fun.

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Episode #56 – Jason Mesches

Jason Mesches is on the show this week and we’re talking about his brand of kids music. Jason is upbeat, high energy, and an all around great guy! He and I have circled each other for years and it was great to finally connect and talk with him about his music. Jason is extremely funny and creative. Be sure to look up his music and videos! He also has a photo album on facebook called “Singing, Jumping, Sweating”. How can you not love that?

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Episode #55 – Bobby Beetcut

Bobby Beetcut has got a message. A message of positivity, peace, and healthy living. It was great to talk to him about his music and what inspires him. You’ve got to hear how he came up with the name Bobby Beetcut as well as the story behind his glasses. You’ll finish this one with a smile on your face. Be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear a part of his song ‘Beautiful Day’.

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Episode #54 – Harry Gottlieb (You Don’t Know Jack)

Have you ever wondered about how an iconic game came into existence? I spoke to Harry Gottlieb who created the game ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ and he told me about the steps to make the game along with keeping the game fun as the world goes more and more mobile. We also talked about some of the other fun games that his company is working on!

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Episode #53 – Jerry Casagrande (On The Wing Movie)

Whoa! I talked to Jerry Casagrande who wrote and directed the incredible movie ‘On the Wing’. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to write and film your own movie? Welll, Jerry tells me all about what goes into making a movie. ‘On the Wing’ is available on Amazon On Demand as well as iTunes. It’s a great and very family friendly movie!

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Episode #52 – Kitty Felde from Book Club For Kids

Do you have a reader in your house? If you do, or even if you don’t you should check out Kitty Felde’s Podcast ‘Book Club for Kids’ where “kids talk about books”. Kitty has a wealth of experience in radio and she puts it to good use in putting together a show that often goes beyond simple questions and answers and gets at the heart of what her readers are thinking about and feeling! She also recruits some noteable guest hosts. The show’s website has a ton of great information so be sure to check it out. And… DR. ERIC RETURNS!!!

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