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Good Stuff Sports #15 – I Like to Ride My Bike (Lisa and Mike)

Good Stuff Sports #15 – I Like to Ride My Bike (Lisa and Mike)

Lisa and Mike like to go on vacation.  Don’t you?  The main difference is  that Lisa and Mike like to go on bicycle vacations.  They ride their bikes everywhere!  They’ve even started bringing their kids along.  They document their trips of their Youtube Channel.  You’ll learn a lot from hearing how they prepare and be super jealous of some of the places that they’ve been!

Here’s a special treat – Mike also has a career as a musician for kids!  He’s the guy behind two kids albums, Howdy Tunes and Rainbow Songs You won’t want to miss that part of the conversation as well as sticking around for his song ‘Gigantosaurus’.

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Episode #110 – Coco Morante

Are you down with the Instant Pot?  I’m down with the Instant Pot.  I use it for sushi rice, artichokes, and Lentil Soup.  You know who is way way way more down with the Instant Pot than I am?  This week’s guest, Coco Morante.  She’s a genius with the Instant Pot and, in addition to having a bustling facebook page, she just put out a book of Instant Pot recipes.  Check her out!  Oh wait!  There’s more, a brand new 4+1!

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Episode #109 – April and Amy (The Rankin Twins)

Happy 2018!  Let’s start the year off right with April and Amy Rankin who were a total joy to talk to.  They are country music singin’ kid friendly musicians who totally go for it!  Their music for adults isn’t half bad either.  You must stay tuned all the way to the end of the show to hear their song ‘Love Yer Guts’.  

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Episode #108 – Emily Crocker (From Hal Leonard Publishing)

Emily Crocker has worked with Hal Leonard for many years!  Her latest project are a series of interactive music books in collaboration with Disney.  This new series features Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel, and Moana and they all encourage kids to make music.  I loved talked to Emily about all of the work that she’s done with Hal Leonard.  Odd’s are that if you were in a choir at any point in your childhood you used a book that Emily worked on.  It was such an honor to talk to her.  I also loved testing these books out with my girls.  Real reviews from my kids.  They loved them!

Check these books out – Great Holiday gifts!  They’re all available on Amazon.

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Episode #107 – Cowboy Andy (From The Salamanders)

Cowboy Andy from Cowboy Andy and the Salamandars drops by to talk tunes, and it was a really fun chat!  He’s the first person I’ve ever talked to from Montana, and now I want to go.  With songs like ‘Matt Damon Magnetized Me’, and ‘Bubbles’ how could this not be incredibly fun?!  I want to be just like Cowboy Andy.

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Good Stuff Sports #12 – Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller is an award winning women’s lacrosse player.  She taught me a lot about women’s lacrosse throughout the course of this conversation.  She has played at the D1 College Level, and has been playing for the Israeli National Women’s Team for the last several seasons.  Courtney has recovered from a torn ACL to return to the sport that she loves.  Her story is guaranteed to inspire you.

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Episode #106 – Twinkle Returns!

Twinkle is back!  She’s got a brand new album – which you helped to make!  Listen to some behind the scenes stories about the album, and hear the brand new song ‘Just Dance’ from the album of the same name.  This is some righteous dance pop music that your family will love.  Be sure to watch this “Making of Just Dance” video to get a real understanding of just how hard Twinkle works:

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Episode #105 – Gustafer Yellowgold (Morgan Taylor)

What a fun and interesting conversation with Morgan Taylor – the brains behind Gustafer Yellowgold and Gustafer’s brand new album ‘Brighter Side’.  This is such a cool insight into how an artist creates.  Morgan is so willing to take Gustafer in any direction with new characters being added all the time.  Like Baconstein!  You can hear the song Baconstein at the end of this episode.

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Episode #104 – The Dilly Dallies

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through your kid’s eyes?  Steve and Jen from The Dilly Dallies have you covered.  Their new album ‘Walking Around With Giants’ has great songs written from both a parent’s and kid’s perspective.  They also taught me about a new instrument.  The Glockenspiel!  Good Stuff Certified!  Stay tuned all the way to the end to hear their song ‘Walking Around With Giants’.

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