Good Stuff Kids
Episode #257 - Maggie McGuire - CEO

Pinna is “the only screen-free, ad-free audio streaming service custom-made for kids ages 3-12”. It’s got all the good stuff you need to get your kids off screens. “Pinna is an on-demand audio streaming service that reimagines kids’ entertainment. Each podcast, audiobook and music compilation on Pinna is expertly developed and carefully curated for kids 3-12. From science and fantasy to interactive game shows and mysteries, Pinna has hundreds of hours of programming to pique the interest of every kid.” I really enjoyed talking with Maggie McGuire, CEO of Pinna who highlights the amazing, high quality, podcasts audiobooks and music for kids that can be found on the app. You can hear the brand new song Pinna produced song ‘Real Me’ at the end of the epidode.