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Episode #106 – Twinkle Returns!

Episode #106 – Twinkle Returns!

Twinkle is back!  She’s got a brand new album – which you helped to make!  Listen to some behind the scenes stories about the album, and hear the brand new song ‘Just Dance’ from the album of the same name.  This is some righteous dance pop music that your family will love.  Be sure to watch this “Making of Just Dance” video to get a real understanding of just how hard Twinkle works:

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Episode #97 – A Horse, A Spoon, A Bucket

Are you ready for this?  I spoke to Magic Ian and Dr. Saurus from A Horse, A Spoon, A Bucket one sunny summer day not too long ago.  They are committed!  We talked about a lot of different things like gophers, vegetables, and puppy’s.  This was a lot of fun.  Check them out.  Stay tuned for their song ‘Vegetables’ at the end of the show.

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Episode #96 – Tim Kubart

Tim Kubart is talented in so many different areas.  He hosts tv shows for kids, has released two albums of kids music, and you never know when he’ll show up with a tambourine!  Tim won a grammy for his album, ‘Home’.  He also hosted and produced the Sunny Side Up show on Sprout with his pal Chica.  Tim was also the person chosen to write the song that helped to introduce Sesame Street’s first muppet with autism, Julia.

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Live From Camp 2016

At this point you've probably seen the devastation caused by the wildfires in Northern California.  Our summer home, URJ Camp Newman, sustained catastrophic damage.  If camp is a meaningful part of your families life, whether Camp Newman or another camp please visit...

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Episode #95 – Eliana Light

Eliana Light comes very highly recommended.  She and I connected through an old buddy (who I used to teach! – Shout out to Charlie Kramer!). She is an up and coming family musician who writes songs that are thematically Jewish and very educational.  You’ll love hearing how enthusiastic she is about her subject matter and will surely want to check out her songs like ‘Synagogue Detective’, or ‘The Best Me I Can Be’.  You can get her full album Eliana Sings (about Jewish things) here.   Enjoy!

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Episode #94 – Mindy Thomas

If you have kids, then there is a 99.9% chance that you have heard the voice of Mindy Thomas.  She is the host of Absolutely Mindy on Kids Place Live on Sirius XM as well as the co-host (with Guy Raz) of mega-podcast ‘Wow in the World’ from NPR.  Now you can hear her story!  She’s a high energy, improvising, radio host extraordinaire and I’m so happy to have had a chance to talk with her!

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Episode #93 – Alphabet Rockers

I got a chance to not only talk to Tommy and Kaitlyn about their awesome new album ‘Rise, Shine, #Woke’, but I got to see them perform live at an Elementary School in South San Francisco.  I got to see, firsthand, the impact that they have on students with their message of change.  It was an incredibly moving experience.  My time with the Alphabet Rockers coincided with the news about the current administration working to end DACA.  It was clear that so many of the students that were at the Alphabet Rockers program were fearful about what they were hearing from the government.  I got to speak to a few students and a teacher about the mood in the classrooms, and I was relieved to hear that there was a general attitude of positivity.  The teachers at the school were so dedicated and engaged, and it was noted by Kaitlyn, Tommy, and me.  Thanks to the educators in lower income areas who are making their students education positive and joyful during what is a difficult time.

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Episode #92 – DB (Wendy and DB) Pt. 2

I hope you enjoyed Wendy Morgan’s episode!  Now it’s DB’s turn.  This is part 2 of 2 with Wendy & DB.  It was great to hear DB’s side of things.  Wendy joined us for a little bit as well.  It’s obvious that these two love working together!  Be sure to check out their new album ‘Home Earth’ and their incredibly catchy song ‘We Bop’ at the end of the show.

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Episode #91 – Wendy Morgan (Wendy and DB) Pt. 1

Wendy and DB make great music for kids and families to enjoy together.  They pride themselves on their live performances and for making songs with a message.  From their website:  “On their newest album “HomeEarth”, Wendy & DB, a dynamic duo/band from Chicago, address the important messages for children and all people that we need to work together, be happy, feel our feelings, and take care of our wonderful world and ALL the folks that live in it.”  Now that makes a whole lot of sense!  This is a two part-er.  Episode 91 will feature Wendy Morgan talking about all things Wendy and DB.  Episode 92 will focus on DB and his approach to making great music for kids and families.

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