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Episode #78 – Joe Mailander from The Okee Dokee Brothers

I loved talking to Joe Mailander from the Okee Dokee Brothers.  He was extremely down to earth and was very open to sharing the history of his band and what inspires him and his bandmate Justin Lansing.  Here’s a hint, they love being outside and exploring nature.  You should definitely check out their documentaries on Netflix.  It helps to further show the personalities behind the music.

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Episode #77 – April Eight

April Eight is so talented.  She writes and produces her own songs and stories podcast, and it is so good.  April has an awesome story from being a rock musician to creating her own show.  I loved talking with her.  She’s hilarious and full of energy.  April just reached her one year Podiversary – meaning she’s been publishing and producing her podcast for one year.  So, check April out and subscribe to her show.  It’s awesome for long car rides or even short car rides!  You can also check out the brand new Kids Listen Web App to find April’s show and The Good Stuff Kids Podcast!

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Episode #76 – Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Ready to get sweaty and dance to some sweet tunes? Neil and Bryan from Koo Koo Kanga Roo took some time to talk with me about their music, fanny packs, and what makes their live shows so fun. Want to know the secret? Get ready to get sweaty and dance!! I also checked in with Uncle D and Auntie C who just got a puppy!

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Episode #75 – Randy Kaplan

Episode #75!  That’s a lot of episodes.  I got the chance to talk to someone that we call “our guy” around Good Stuff Studios. Randy Kaplan’s music has been in high rotation for years in our house and car. He’s witty, smart, and unafraid of tackling the big issues like farts, chips, and nose squeezing. We love his music and he’s the same person on his records as he is in conversation. Enjoy!!  Don’t forget to tag friends and share to get a $100 Waiter.com gift certificate!  It’s worth it!

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Episode #74 – Mista Cookie Jar

If you’ve listened to kids music over the last several years you’ve heard Mista Cookie Jar. He has collaborated with so many of our favorite artists! It’s no wonder why, I knew from the first second of our conversation that he was easy to talk to and had a big heart that goes straight into his music. This interview was in the works for a long time, and I’m so glad to finally share it! Be sure to stay tuned to the end for Cookie’s new song “Serotonin”. Additionally, be on the lookout for Lucky Diaz and the Family Band’s new album which features Mista Cookie Jar on three brand new songs!

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Episode #73 – Twinkle

I talked to Twinkle a few weeks ago and she was so generous to share the story of how she came to the idea of Twinkle Time and Friends. Her pre-Twinkle career is pretty incredible too. She is a complete “Do it yourself-er” from songwriting to the development of the stage show. Twinkle also makes a real effort to ensure that all of her music and shows are bilingual. It’s clear that her live show would be a magnet for young kids. She is in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign to finance her new album and other projects. If you like what Twinkle has to say consider helping her realize her dreams for her new album.

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Good Stuff Sports #7 – Neil Wattier

Hockey is a great sport. It’s fast paced and so fun to watch live. I had never thought about what it would be like to be a parent to a young hockey player. Luckily, I had a resource to fill me in. Neil Wattier, who is the host of The Hockey Parent Podcast, shared his experiences living the life of a hockey family. I learned a ton about the game and about the dedication that it takes to help a young athlete realize their dreams. Be sure to subscribe to Neil’s show, and tell a friend about Good Stuff Sports as well!

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Episode #72 – Ben Clanton / Debbie Aronson

Episode #72 is a straight up book spectacular! I talked to Ben Clanton about creating the art for Laurie Berkner’s book for the song ‘We Are The Dinosaurs’. That’s not all though, Ben is a really clever and creative artist who has several books of his own. Check them out! I also had a great time talking to Debbie Aronson who wrote the book ‘Where’s My Tushy?” This book is awesome! I never would have known about it if my 5 year old daughter had not brought it home from the library! I’m so grateful that she did. I had such a nice time talking to Debbie and getting to know her. Debbie was so kind to share the story behind the book with me. It’s a lot deeper than you might think.

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Episode #71 – Joanie Leeds

Joanie Leeds is on this week’s episode! I loved talking to her about her music and to hear about her brand new album ‘Brooklyn Baby’ which comes out this week. Be sure to check out her brand new song ‘Shayna Punim’ to get a sneak peak at the new music that Joanie has written for us. It’s brilliant! We covered a lot of ground on this episode, from summer camp to the band phish. Don’t miss it!

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