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Episode #96 – Tim Kubart

Episode #96 – Tim Kubart

Tim Kubart is talented in so many different areas.  He hosts tv shows for kids, has released two albums of kids music, and you never know when he’ll show up with a tambourine!  Tim won a grammy for his album, ‘Home’.  He also hosted and produced the Sunny Side Up show on Sprout with his pal Chica.  Tim was also the person chosen to write the song that helped to introduce Sesame Street’s first muppet with autism, Julia.

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Episode #89 – Mr. Josh

Feelings, nothing more than feelings!  Up and coming Kindie rocker Mr. Josh has a new record out all about feelings.  He takes his music seriously, but also knows how to have fun.  He knows what he’s doing, he’s trained, and he is a pre-school teacher as well.  He’s the definition of authentic which makes him certified and bonafied good stuff for kids and families.

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Episode #88 – Sarah Spurrier

Sarah Spurrier has created her very own youtube show called ‘Good Morning Sunshine’.  It’s sweet and fun and filled with puppets.  There are featured craft projects, puppets, recipes, and puppets (PUPPETS)!.  I completely appreciate what Sarah does.  She is a one woman operation who creates and oversees every aspect of her show.  You need to hear her talk about my favorite character, Professor Schnozzola.

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Episode #87 – Jess Penner

Jess Penner has released her first EP of kids/family music called ‘Imagination’, and it is really good.  That’s no surprise, Jess is already known to have been making awesome music.  This record features some really well chosen covers as well as original tunes of her own.  It was interesting to talk to Jess about her career as a musician and what drew her to create music for families.  Be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear her cover of the very classic and charming ‘I Don’t Want To Live On The Moon’.

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Episode #86 – Caspar Babypants Returns!

Caspar Babypants (Chris Ballew) is back with a brand new album called ‘Jump for Joy’!  It was great to talk to him again.  We keyed in on his new album and where some of the songs come from as well as how he creates such a warm sound on his records.  It was so great to talk to Caspar again!  Stay tuned all the way to the end of the episode to hear the brand new song ‘Pushy the Tug’.

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Episode #85 – Lucky Diaz

It was an immense treat to talk to Lucky Diaz from Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band before the release of his new record ‘Made in LA’. We even got sorta deep on a few musical topics!  Fun!!  We talked a lot about his collaborations with several other musicians including past guests Andrew & Polly,  Frances England, and Mista Cookie Jar.  We got extra real when the conversation turned to tacos.  Stay tuned all the way through to hear the (very very good) song ‘Magic Believers’.

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Episode #84 – AJ Lee

How about a 19 year old Bluegrass phenom?  Interested?  AJ Lee is a tremendous singer, guitar player, and mandolin player who has just released a brand new record called 'AJ Lee'.  At the end of the episode you can hear her take on Gillian Welch's 'Look at Miss Ohio'....

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Episode #83 – Sonshine and Broccoli

Sonshine and Broccoli totally go for it!  Their music is positive, energetic and fun.  That makes total sense, because talking to them was positive, energetic and fun!  You’ve got to stay tuned all the way to the end to hear their song ‘A Good Night’.  It legitimately rocks!  If you dig this episode of the good stuff kids podcast be sure to check out all the other episodes which are available for free at goodstuffpod.com  

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