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Episode #170 – Frances England Returns

Episode #170 – Frances England Returns

It was an honor to have Frances England back on the show to talk about her brand new record, ‘Blue Skies and Sunny Days’.  We really got into the music.  Frances recently won the top Fids and Kamily award for album of the year.  It’s that good!  Frances’ music is in high rotation in our house, and I know that many other people love her music.  She’s an excellent person as well.  Be sure to stay tuned through the end of the show to hear her brand new song ‘Carefree’.  

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Episode #161 – Mr. Singer’s Halloween Spectacular

Mr. Singer is back to talk about his brand new album ‘Happy Haunted Halloween’.  It’s perfect for little ears who are going to go out on a trick or treating adventure!  Make sure that your little ghosts and goblins feast upon this very sweet ear candy.  You can also go back and hear Mr. Singer’s first time on the podcast, episode #136.  Happy Halloween!  Be sure to listen all the way through the episode to hear the brand new song ‘Ain’t Scared of Nothin”.

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Episode #160 – mömandpöp

Oh yeah!  Time to hear about some tasty jams from mömandpöp.I got to talk to Bobby about his band’s incredible music.  We talked about musical era’s, and how the concept of the band leads to an ever evolving sound.  Bobby takes his music very seriously, and it was so interesting to listen to him talk about all of the music that influences him.  The brand new record is called ‘Look Closer’.  This record is all Bubble Gum Pop, and you can hear the song ‘Let’s Take A Vacation’ in it’s entirety.

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Good Stuff Sports #19 – Frank Gallo

I had a blast talking with Frank Gallo from Rolie Polie Guacamole about his bands brand new song ‘Ay Batta Batta’.  The band’s first new single since 2014!  It’s the perfect soundtrack to your World Series viewing.  It’ll get the littlest little leaguer and the biggest big leaguer pumped to swing the bat and catch some fly balls!  Frank and I had a wide ranging chat about training for the New York Marathon, Primus, and the greatness of Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage.

To hear more from Frank you can always go back to episode #134 where I talk to Frank and his dad Lou about their ‘Like Father Like Son’ project.

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Episode #159 – Catherine McCord (Creator of Weelicious.com)

Catherine McCord, the creator of Weelicious, joined me to talk about cooking and nutrition for kids.  Catherine is all about taking the stress out of making food for our kids.  She’s done the hard work of preparing the recipes and they are tasty!  All you need to do is follow along.  Weelicious is an magical and thorough resource full of easy recipes that your kids will love and that you will love to make!   Check out both of her weelicious cookbooks as well as the meal subscription service, One Potato.  Let’s eat!

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Episode #158 – Steve Elci

It’s time to ‘Jump in the Puddles’ with Steve Elci and Friends!  Steve joined me to chat about his brand new record, ‘Jump in the Puddles’, as well as sharing his backstory and his belief that there is no gig too big and no gig too small.  Listen all the way through to get to know Steve and hear the title track ‘Jump in the Puddles’.

“Jump in the Puddles is filled with irresistible tunes that are bursting at the seams with wide-eyed, joyful enthusiasm and crackling with a refined sense of style and good taste.  This is an album to bring kids and families together for a bit of singing, dancing, clapping, and, of course, jumping!”

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Episode #157 – Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast

Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast and I talked all about her band’s brand new kids album ‘Best Kids’.  It was great to hear from Bethany about how Best Coast came to kids music.  Why she likes family music, and how it fits in to the bands repetoire.  You’ll love their re-interpretation of their song ‘When I’m With You’ which was re-recorded for this album!  You can find the record here.  It’s exclusively on Amazon Music, so put your prime subscription to very good use and check out this awesome album.

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Episode #156 – Suzi Shelton *Interview and World Premier Video*

It’s an awesome day today!  Not just because Suzi Shelton is on the Good Stuff Kids Podcast for the very first time, but also because it’s my honor to premier her brand new video ‘The Grass Is Always Greener’ featuring Tim Kubart!  

‘The Grass Is Always Greener’ sums up Suzi and her music – fun, uplifting, clever, colorful, vibrant, inspired, joyful, and creative.  


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Episode #155 – Jumpin’ Jamie

Get ready to jump!  Jumpin’ Jamie and I had a great conversation about so many different topics like Dinosaurs, Back to the Future, Rock n’ Roll, and of course his incredible music for kids and families.  He just put out his first record called ‘Kookie’.  You can also hear his song “I Wanna Be Healthy’ at the end of the show.  You’ll also learn about Field Station Dinosaurs where you can catch Jumpin’ Jamie live.

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Episode #154 – Slay Duggee

Ok, brace yourself… This one is totally metal.  I talked to Ricky Bow-Wow and Black Shuck from Slay Duggee about their brand new record.  It shred’s and slay’s.  Their new album comes out tomorrow, October 5th, and you will want to be the first one on your block to say that you knew Slay Duggee before they became massive stars.  Stay tuned all the way until the end of the show to hear their interpretation of the ‘Octonauts’ theme song.  Bang your heads (but not too hard).

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