Good Stuff Kids
Good Stuff Kids
Episode #264 - Elena Moon Park
There’s a lot more to this record than meets the eye and ear! “Elena Moon Park illustrates what a free spirited world sounds like on her first self released family album Unhurried Journey. The 16 song collection encourages listeners of all-ages to slow down and appreciate each moment, finding the joy in the journey. 
Park has spent the last 8 years traveling and playing music with artists all across the globe. In that time she met and collaborated with some amazing talents and found inspiration in everything she encountered. She brings all of this to Unhurried Journey, a stunningly unique vision from an artist who is wide open to soaking in everything life has to offer. She revels in her blended world, delivering a fresh and dynamic collection of reimagined east and southeast asian music and original, western-style songs.”
Listen to Elena’s song ‘Flower Dance’ at the end of the episode.