Good Stuff Kids
Good Stuff Kids
Special Episode - Live from Camp

A special episode featuring live recordings from summer 2016. All of the songs you will hear were recorded at Camp Newman in Santa Rosa, California. You will hear performances by past featured guests such as Noam Katz, Dan Nichols, Billy Jonas, Rachel Mylan, and Alan Goodis. You will also hear from Jacob ‘Spike’ Kraus, Jackson Mercer, Alana Green, Lucy Greenbaum, A Hint of Lime (Eitan Strauss-Cohn and Max Winer), Jake Snyder and Eitan Strauss-Cohn, and Rose Snitz. Below you will find the song name, artist, and time you can hear them on this episode.

# Title Artist Starts at…
1 Mirembe Noam Katz 1:16
2 This Pretty Planet Rachel Mylan 6:09
3 Some Houses Billy Jonas 7:35
4 Y’hiyu L’Ratzon Lucy Greenbaum 13:32
5 Shirei Zimrah Dan Nichols 15:57
6 Rachel A Hint of Lime 18:53
7 Modah Ani Rose Snitz 23:04
8 Job Jacob ‘Spike’ Kraus 26:04
9 I Gotta Pea Alan Goodis 30:32
10 Lech L’cha Jackson Mercer 31:19
11 Hold Fast To Dreams Jake Snyder and Eitan Strauss-Cohen 35:41
12 Hold Each Other Alana Green 37:34
13 Blowing in the Wind Robin Kopf 40:04
14 I Get Knocked Down Alan Goodis and Friends 43:08