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Good Stuff Sports is a chance for young sports fans to hear from athletes, writers, podcasters, coaches, and others in the world of sports who have a story to share.

When I was younger, I was a sports lover, and I learned an immense amount by reading about my heroes like Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, and Magic Johnson. I watched my heroes like Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, and Thurman Thomas continue to play even after Super Bowl setbacks. I still vividly remember reading Magic’s free throw advice: “Concentrate, bend the elbow, and hopefully swish.” As I put the pump back, I got the idea for the Good Stuff Sports Podcast.

Good Stuff Sports is a show that features athletes and others in the sports industry and their stories. What do they love about their sport or athletics in general? How important is practice? We’ll hear stories about not giving up, and of the hard work that goes into seeing results. What are the moments and highlights that stand out in their careers? Join me, Mike Mason, as I get to know a side of sports that kids can listen to and be inspired by.

Good Stuff Sports #10 – Eater X (Tim Janus)

I remember watching Tim Janus in the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating competition on July 4th a few years ago.  I thought his Ultimate Warrior facepaint was awesome.  I think saw him on an MTV reality special which showcased how he goes about training and what his professional eating competitions are like.  Tim graciously responded to a twitter message about coming on the show and talking about how he came to be a professional eater.  It’s important to know that there is training that goes in to being on the professional eating circuit.  What food does Tim recommend that aspiring pro eaters begin with?  You’ll have to listen to find out!  And the burping!  This is a can’t miss episode.

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Good Stuff Sports #8 – Nora Ballard

Nora Ballard directed a short film about synchronized swimming called ‘Waterbabies’.  I was so excited to talk to Nora about what she learned about those who compete in synchronized swimming.  It’s a sport that I don’t know much about at all.  As you’ll hear, Nora learned quite a bit about how they practice, and how synchronized swimming is a metaphor for life.

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Good Stuff Sports #7 – Neil Wattier

Hockey is a great sport. It’s fast paced and so fun to watch live. I had never thought about what it would be like to be a parent to a young hockey player. Luckily, I had a resource to fill me in. Neil Wattier, who is the host of The Hockey Parent Podcast, shared his experiences living the life of a hockey family. I learned a ton about the game and about the dedication that it takes to help a young athlete realize their dreams. Be sure to subscribe to Neil’s show, and tell a friend about Good Stuff Sports as well!

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GS Sports #6 – Toby Pechner

Toby Pechner joins me on episode 6 of Good Stuff Sports to talk about his love of the San Francisco Giants as well as his time as a “Ball Dude” with the team. Ever wondered about what ball boys/bat boys do? What’s the game like for them? Toby has answers! Additionally, Assistant Producer Zachy joins me to give his prediction for the upcoming Baseball season. Spring is here! Let’s play ball!

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GS Sports #5 – A Couple of Putts (Tom and Robin)

Mini Golf! You love it, I love it, everyone loves it! Mr. Tee (Tom) and The Pink Putter (Robin) take their love of Mini Golf to an amazing level. They have a website called a A Couple of Putts where they review various mini golf courses around the country. They’ve also designed several mini golf holes, and they shared some awesome advice on how young mini golf enthusiasts can build their own holes at home!

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GS Sports #4 – Joe Licata

Joe Licata is a quarterback. A very good quarterback. He was the captain of the State University at Buffalo Bulls at a peak of the programs success. He played in a bowl game! Now he’s training the next generation of quarterbacks in Western New York and he’s off to a great start with a crop of young qb’s who Joe believes has the goods to go to the next level. Joe also shares some of his favorite moments on the field as well as the players that inspire him. Of course, since he’s from Buffalo we talk chicken wings, pizza, and beef on weck.

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GS Sports #3 – Colin Gunderson – Love of Baseball Podcast

Colin Gunderson knows a lot about baseball. He completely loves the game and that comes through on his “Love of Baseball Podcast”. Colin spent several years working for the LA Dodgers organization and has since spoken with many great players for his podcast. He has spent time up close and personal and has seen the work that goes in to being a professional baseball player.

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GS Sports #2 – Greg Cohen

Welcome to the first full episode of Good Stuff Sports. I spoke to Greg Cohen who is a professional Ultimate Frisbee Player based in the Bay Area. I spoke to him about his path to playing frisbee as well as the work that went in to him making the San Jose Spiders and San Francisco Revolver. We also re-lived some of his favorite in game moments.

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