Good Stuff Kids
Episode #72 - Ben Clanton / Debbie Aronson

Episode #72 is a straight up book spectacular! I talked to Ben Clanton about creating the art for Laurie Berkner’s book for the song ‘We Are The Dinosaurs’. That’s not all though, Ben is a really clever and creative artist who has several books of his own. Check them out! I also had a great time talking to Debbie Aronson who wrote the book ‘Where’s My Tushy?” This book is awesome! I never would have known about it if my 5 year old daughter had not brought it home from the library! I’m so grateful that she did. I had such a nice time talking to Debbie and getting to know her. Debbie was so kind to share the story behind the book with me. It’s a lot deeper than you might think. Editors note: Debbie Aronson attended the University of Wisconsin and not the University of Michigan.