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Episode #249 - Paul Reisler (Kid Pan Alley 20th Anniversary)

What an honor to be able to talk to Paul Reisler about Kid Pan Alley on the occasion his organization’s 20th anniversary. You may remember that I talked with Paul back on episode 112, and we got a lot of backstory on him and what his incredible organization does. Be sure to listen to the title track ‘Best Friends’ from the brand new Kid Pan Alley record ‘Best Friends’. Editors note: Apologies for the “clippy dippy’s” on my side of the conversation.

Kid Pan Alley celebrates its 20th Anniversary inspiring and empowering children to work together to create their own music. What better way to mark the occasion than with the new CD Best Friends, arriving October 11 on Kid Pan Alley Records. Best Friends features songs co-written by students in 10 different schools and Kid Pan Alley songwriters led by KPA’s Founder Paul Reisler. Among the highlights are guest vocals by an array of popular children’s artists including GRAMMY® Award winners and nominees and multi-award-winning artists: Lisa Loeb, Bill Harley, Sonia De Los Santos, John McCutcheon, Randy Kaplan, Robbie Schaefer, The Not-Its! Dazzling vocals, expert production, vibrant instrumentation and delightful lyrics are among the hallmarks of this fifth Kid Pan Alley release.”