Good Stuff Kids
Good Stuff Kids
Episode #240 - Jon Samson

It’s brand new Grammy winner Jon Samson sharing his background and the story behind his amazing record ‘Ageless Songs for the Child Archetype’. This is a great conversation. “As a Musical Therapist, Jon worked extensively through the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music for children on the autism spectrum. He’s been guest lecturing at Columbia University and other higher education facilities on his approach to working with special needs and how it relates to the general population. As a Performer/Producer, Jon’s award winning family music has been featured in Parenting Magazine, Time Out New York Kids, USA Today, and apparently other civilizations from other planets love Jon’s music too. As an artist, Jon produced music for Sounds True audio programs by world renowned teachers Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey. As an audio engineer, Jon’s name can be found in the four time Oscar nominated film, Beasts Of The Southern Wild. As a goofball, Jon entertains at parties and performs with his live band.”
Be sure to check out his song “Predicament” at the end of the episode.

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