Good Stuff Kids
Episode #223 - Angela James

It can take a lot to calm down a tired baby. Since the beginning of time parents have struggled to get their children to go to sleep. I’m tired. Really tired, and I was so lucky to have this conversation with Angela James to make my day better. Angela James‘ album “Quiet Night'”,which is a collection of lullabies made for weary parents by weary parents. It is a beautiful and carefully crafted album inspired by James‘ own experiences as a new mother and with battling postpartum depression.’

“What began with humming as a coping mechanism to calm both her daughter and herself in her postpartum fog, evolved into this collection of fully formed and arranged lullabies. The instrumentation on the album; voice, classical guitar, bass clarinet, bassoon and vibraphone, is unique and deliberately in the mid-to-low tonal range, creating a serene but captivating soundscape. The concept of the album is to help set the stage for a child’s restful sleep and to support and soothe parents during the demanding and exhausting first months with a new child.”