Two Good Stuff Family favorites are back to talk about new records and so much more. I caught Lucky Diaz right before he was about to leave on tour and we talked about the Lucky Band’s ‘Buenos Diaz’, as well as the new band name and look. We also, obviously, talked about Pee Wee’s big adventure and a whole lot more. You can hear the song ‘Buenos Dias’ at the end of the show. “With 11 songs vibrantly arranged by GRAMMY-winning producer Dean Jones, Buenos Diaz is a bilingual celebration of family life. Lucky and Alisha are celebrating a decade of creating exciting media for children as Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band. Now touring as The Lucky Band, their refreshingly retro Space Age look reflects the modern vintage sound the new music.

Our guy, Randy Kaplan, also came back to talk about his brand new album ‘Shake It And Break It’, in which he puts his signature stamp on delta and ragtime blues classics. He also gave me a bit of a history lesson on some music that I don’t know much about. You can hear the incredible ‘Shake It And Break It’ at the end of the show. “Shake It and Break It, a collection of pre-WWII country blues, ragtime, and Delta blues classics retrofitted with lyrics that sing of characters living in a zany, brainy world of nonstop, rapid-fire comedy.”