Good Stuff Kids
Episode #200 - Marsha and the Positrons

200 episodes. I’ve talked to so many incredible people who are using their talents to create art – music/books/movies/games/podcasts – for families. It’s been an honor and a genuine joy to create so many relationships with people around the world. Truly. The Good Stuff Kids Podcast has gone global. From All over the United States, to England, to Australia and New Zealand.

Episode 200 features Marsha Goodman-Wood from Marsha and the Positrons. We talk science, and so much more. Marsha is the perfect example of why I do this podcast. She’s making good stuff for kids and families and more people should know about it! Listen to her song ‘Positrons’ and I guarantee you’ll learn something and you’ll want to know what else she’s cooking up in the lab!