Good Stuff Kids
Episode #189 - Sonia De Los Santos

Happy April Fool’s Day! This year I pranked myself by skipping episode #189 and going straight from episode #188 to episode #190. Absent mindedness in episode numbering aside it was a pleasure to welcome Sonia De Los Santos to the Good Stuff Kids podcast. “Sonia was born with a smile on her face (that’s what her mom always says) and she can easily find the things in the world that bring her joy. On ¡Alegría!, a bilingual album for families, Sonia thought deeply about the elements of her life that bring her joy and tried to capture them in her songs to share with others as she believes that these days it is more important than ever to find reasons to smile and stay grateful.” Sonia taught me all about the Jarana – which you’ll need to hear her explain! Check out her song, ‘Los Pajaritos’ from her new album ‘Alegria!’ At the end of this episode.