Good Stuff Kids
Episode #171 - Tim Seston

Tim Seston is a master storyteller and family musician. His brand new record ‘On A Roll’ is filled with witty wordplay and upbeat fun songwriting. Tim and I talked about a wide breadth of topics from where he lives, to stories he tells, to the music he makes. Be sure to check out his website and facebook page for tons of content your family will love! “Tim’s friendly vocals make some of the tougher concepts he sings about more accessible. “Bright Red Truck” explores several emergency situations and how quickly the fireman, who he turns into a friend by naming him Peter, is on the scene to help. “Bring on the Thunder” makes what could be a scary storm into an opportunity to create new memories. “Canker Sore” is a catch-all term to describe a day where nothing goes right. And “Charlie’s Monsters” come straight from a child’s thoughts.” Be sure to stay tuned all the way through the end of the show to hear the title track ‘On A Roll’.

*Note from Mike* – Tim and I had a great conversation. Unfortunately my end of it was very glitchy and unusable. I edited Tim’s side to salvage the interview and hopefully it flows nicely. Luckily it’s really fun to hear Tim talk about his career. So it goes in the wild west of podcasting!