Good Stuff Kids
Episode #131 - Mick Sullivan (The Past and The Curious) / Steve Denyes Returns!

Get the scoop behind the podcast with the greatest name and it’s creator, Mick Sullivan! Mick produces the outstanding The Past and The Curious podcast which is all about history and is designed for kids. We talked about music, the podcast, and Louisville among other subjects. Be sure to check out Mick’s podcast and our other friends at Follow the Hashtag #kidslistensummer to see what all of your favorite family friendly shows are up to!

It was great to catch up with Steve Denyes from Hullabaloo who has recently released a new record called ’20 songs in 20 Days’. Steve wrote a new song based on suggestions from his fans and then enlisted some of his friends (many of whom have been on the Good Stuff Kids Podcast) to create their own versions. These songs were written as a fundraiser for Happy Star Melodies. Want to hear this collection of songs? Click here!