Good Stuff Kids
Good Stuff Kids
Episode #252 - Duke Otherwise

Here’s a really fun conversation with the great Duke Otherwise! “From Wisconsin’s Duke Otherwise comes Kith & Kin, an eclectic album of music meant to bring joy, silliness and sweetness to all. Kith & Kin features a unique blend of stellar musicianship, memorable characters, whimsical topics, and a vast array of instruments and musical styles resulting in outrageous fun.
Duke Otherwise looks at the world with a skewed eye and blends his quirky observations with his elaborate imagination resulting in a combination that seems to perfectly tap into a child’s mindset. On Kith & Kin, with his distinct baritone voice, he leads as a playful wordsmith, delivering hilarious and imaginative songs and stories taken from real events and conversations with his own family and friends.” 

Stay tuned all the way to the end of the show to hear the song ‘Joy’s a Grump’