Good Stuff Kids
Good Stuff Kids
Episode #225 - Narwhals and Waterfalls

Narwhals and Waterfalls are here to teach us about SEL or Social and Emotional Learning through music. Both Paige and Adrien are classroom teachers who take their expertise and put it to music to help kids understand and manage their emotions. They were helpful to me during the course of this interview. You’ll notice that it is just Paige and Adrien that you hear. That’s because my side of the conversation didn’t record. Good thing Paige and Adrien taught me a valuable lesson so that I knew to breathe deeply when I realized this issue.

Narwhals and Waterfalls also keep on giving good stuff! If you enter “GoodStuffPod” at checkout of their online store you will get 30% off your purchase! Get that Narwhals and Waterfalls merch. Go go go! I recommend the Tshirt.

Be sure to listen all the way to the end of the episode to hear ‘The Mood Song’.