Good Stuff Kids
Good Stuff Kids
Episode #219 - Sean McCollough

Earworms! Ya know, those songs that get stuck in your head? Well, Sean McCollough knows all about them! Sean is a radio host for the KidStuff Show on WDVX and you know what that means? He’s certified and bonafied! He knows his music and it was a blast to talk to him about all of his experiences in the music world. “Sean McCollough has been entertaining and educating families and school groups with his energetic shows since the mid-90s. He has been compared to Pete Seeger and John McCutcheon for his use of traditional music and storytelling as well as his charismatic performances.
Sean plays the guitar, banjo and mandolin and draws heavily on the music of the Appalachian Mountains, mixing world music, original songs, and other contemporary sounds into his performances that are built around audience participation”
If you’re a fan of music that’s great then you and your family will love Sean. You can hear the song ‘Earworm’ at the end of the show.