Good Stuff? (The Origin Story)

As a father of three kids I’m always looking for good stuff to share with them. Good music, books, food, activities, etc. One day in November 2015, I was on a small road trip with my six year old son and I couldn’t seem to find a podcast that would be fun for him, but also nice for me to listen to. We listened to Pandora and Spotify radio, but some of that music was just terrible!

One day I was eating lunch with a good friend and we were talking about finding good kids media when the idea hit. Rather than try to find the perfect podcast for families maybe I should try to create it! Good Stuff Kids went from the idea phase to first published (very rough) episode in 2.5 hours.

There’s a lot to learn when creating a podcast, but I’m so excited to be able to create original content and music to share with you and your family! Thank you for being on this journey to find the Good Stuff!

Who are you?

IMG_1710-2My name is Mike Mason and I’m a dad, educator, sports fan, musician, and lover of chicken wings.

Good Stuff Kids is my labor of love. Maybe one day someone will pay me enough to do this professionally. Until then, it gets to be my insanely fun hobby.

One of my goals in life is to have Jack Black on the podcast.

Be in Touch

If you have questions or suggestions please send me a note: goodstuffpod@gmail.com.

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