Good Stuff Kids
Episode #93 - Alphabet Rockers

I got a chance to not only talk to Tommy and Kaitlyn about their awesome new album ‘Rise, Shine, #Woke’, but I got to see them perform live at an Elementary School in South San Francisco. I got to see, firsthand, the impact that they have on students with their message of change. It was an incredibly moving experience. My time with the Alphabet Rockers coincided with the news about the current administration working to end DACA. It was clear that so many of the students that were at the Alphabet Rockers program were fearful about what they were hearing from the government. I got to speak to a few students and a teacher about the mood in the classrooms, and I was relieved to hear that there was a general attitude of positivity. The teachers at the school were so dedicated and engaged, and it was noted by Kaitlyn, Tommy, and me. Thanks to the educators in lower income areas who are making their students education positive and joyful during what is a difficult time.