Good Stuff Kids
Episode #197 - Ants Ants Ants

Let’s get to know Ants Ants Ants! “With stylistic nods to 1970’s era Sesame Street, School House Rock, and “The Point” by Harry Nilsson, Ants Ants Ants recalls the best elements of a fun and fanciful childhood – the thrill of knocking down a tower of blocks; the fun of imagining what your dog is thinking; a make believe world where nocturnal animals meet in the park at night to play games. With their family friendly lyrics and optimistic instrumentation, this music offers an invitation into that golden childhood we dream of having ourselves and creating for the ones we love.”

Be sure to check out their song “Why Why Why” from their debut album ‘Why Why Why’. Ants Ants Ants will release a new “Robot EP” in July 2019. East Coasters you’re in luck! Ants Ants Ants will be on tour this June. Check their website for details.