Good Stuff Kids
Episode #153 - Super Stolie

Happy October! It was a truly awesome to welcome Super Stolie to the Good Stuff Kids Podcast. “Super Stolie (Rebecca Stoelinga) has been performing for children since 2007! She is a musician and artist who loves to use creativity to inspire the uniqueness in all of us. With her colorful outfits and vibrant personality, kids want to be her friend, join the band, and showcase their awesome, unique selves! She offers two types of shows, including one that is bilingual to incorporate her love of the Spanish language and Latin culture!”

This is a great conversation which was made better by Super Stolie’s mom being able to weigh in! Stay tuned all the way to the end to hear the song ‘Hi Hello Hola Hey’ from her new dance remix album ‘10’. Your family will be dancing all over the house or car when you put this one on! Be sure to check out her video for the song ‘So Big’. You can find it below: