Good Stuff Kids
Episode #134 - Like Father Like Son (Lou and Frank Gallo)

Lou and Frank Gallo have both been making music for kids and families separately for many years. You can even that kids and family music is the family business! They’ve finally come together to make a record and it’s awesome! You may know Lou from Lou Gallo and the Very Hungry Band, and you may know Frank from Rolie Polie Guacamole

You may not know that, just in time for Father’s Day, that Lou and Frank teamed up to form a band called Like Father Like Son, and they just put out a brand new record called ‘Sun is a Star’. It was so great to talk to Lou and Frank about their relationship and what it was like to make music together. It was nice to hear a father and son who worked together and seemed to learn a lot about each other through the experience of making music. Happy Father’s Day to all the Good Stuff Dad’s!